From the Times Square Alliance:

Cuban artist Esterio Segura’s installation Goodbye My Love has been installed from March as part of Times Square Arts’ initiative to bring leading contemporary art in multiple forms to visitors of New York City’s Times Square. Goodbye My Love is installed in Anita’s Way, the pedestrian passageway connecting West 42nd Street with West 43rd Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway. This installation is presented with the Cuban Artists Fund and chashama, and is supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Esterio Segura is a pioneer of Cuban contemporary art. His installation, Goodbye My Love, is a hanging outdoor installation of 12 planes made of heartshaped bodies that reference the love found in contemporary relationships that often requires people to be separated from each other.

Sherry Dobbin, Director of Public Art, Times Square Alliance, says, “Esterio’s work first engages the audience’s sense of joy of watching a flight path through Midtown, but then strikes a bittersweet chord of emotion as we equate our personal experiences to saying Goodbye.”

As a Cuban artist, Segura’s piece also resonates with those who sometimes must be separated from their families in order to leave their countries. As a public artwork, it engages the audience to revisit the work repeatedly from a place of celebration or remembrance. This project upholds ongoing commitments to assist the under-served artist community of Cuban-Americans and, working with Cuban Artists Fund, to further raise awareness within this audience. This work was part of the Havana Biennial in 2012, and its presence in Times Square gives visibility to this important emerging artist coming from an economically and politically challenged country.

Carlos Pomares, Executive Director, Cuban Artsts Fund, says, “We are pleased to once again work with the Times Square Alliance and chashama as our past collaborations have been incredible opportunities for our artists to enhance their visibility. Esterio’s work is first rate and we have no doubt New York will embrace his work.”


Esterio Segura: Goodbye My Love (Times Square Arts) from TimesSquare PublicArt on Vimeo.


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